Top 5 Baby Monitors-Get A Right One For The Complete Peace of Mind

It is not easy to leave a baby alone in the room, but with a video baby monitor you don’t need to worry as you will be able to see everything going on in the baby’s room when you are not in the room. A baby monitor will notify you with an audible alarm if any thing happens in the baby’s room.

If you are in the kitchen or outside doing cleanliness you don’t need to worry since when any thing happens you will get a notification immediately via a display or a monitor screen hence you will go in the baby’s room.

If a baby is crying you will be able to see him or her through a monitor screen or display which is connected to the camera installed in the baby’s room.

There are different types of video baby monitors that vary in terms of quality and built in features. The following are the top 5 baby monitors;-

1.Sense-U Video+Breathing Baby Monitor

Sense-U Video+Breathing Baby Monitor


Sense-U Video Breathing Baby monitor is the award winning baby monitor with high definition (H.D) video quality. It has 1080 pixels H.D quality camera for high quality videos. The picture clarity is really sharp and excellent, also the night vision is very clear. The sound quality is Crystal clear.

Sense-U is linked easily with is a smart phone through the App. Currently there is an app for both iPhones as well as Android devices. There fore you will be required to download the Sense-U app from Apple store or Google play store and install in your smart phone.

You will then follow simple steps to link the Sense-U with your smart phone through a secure Wi-Fi. Therefore you will be able track everything in the baby’s room through your smart phone.

This baby monitor will help you track baby’s breath, temperature as well as roll over.If anything happens you will be notified through audible alarms. This means for any detected motions of roll over, heating, stomach sleeping or when a baby get cold or no no breathing the you will immediately  get audible notification without delay.

It also has two way audio mode which will help you talk back to your baby. You can also sing beautiful songs to your baby.Sense-U baby monitor is an excellent monitor that will give you a complete peace of mind. It is indeed a quality product at a reasonable price.


  • No false alarms
  • Easy setup
  • Has a secure Wi-Fi
  • Has two way audio mode
  • High quality camera with 1080 Pixels
  • Can track baby’s breathing rates
  • Can monitor room temperature
  • Has movement and  rollover feature


  • Can not connect more than one smart phone at a time.

2. Cubo AI Baby Monitor

Cubo AI Baby Monitor


Cubo AI Baby Monitor is an excellent monitor with extra added features which are very awesome. It will give you a very impressive experience. Like the Sense-U baby monitor, Cubo AI also connects easily to your smart phone through an App. The App is user friendly. It uses Q.R code to pair an app account with a camera. The set up is very easy and straight forward.

It has HD quality camera with 1080 Pixels which is pretty clear during a day and night vision is very nice. It has a secure Wi-Fi with no distance limitations. This means you can monitor your baby from any where. The sound alarms are clear, no delay. So even when you are not at home if any thing happen you can go back home in time.

The temperature detection feature works very perfect, you can get alarms when the room is too hot or cold. The two way sound mode will help you talk back to your baby. It also have the covered face detection, roll over alerts, humidity as well as cry detection features.

Unlike other video baby monitors, Cubo AI baby monitor has danger zone alert which is an awesome feature. This monitor will give a peace of mind knowing that your baby is okay.


  • Has a secure Wi-Fi
  • Has covered face and roll over alerts
  • Clear HD video quality
  • Easy set up
  • High quality microphones and built in speakers
  • Has danger zone alert feature
  • Has temperature and humidity detection feature.
  • Has cry detection feature


  • It is only compatible with iPhone ( iOS 10 and above) as well as Android devices ( Android 5 and above).

3. AVSTART Video Baby Monitor.

AVSTART Video Baby Monitor


AVSTART Video Baby Monitor is great baby monitor with awesome HD videos. Both camera and audio are very clear with high resolution. The audio quality is also very nice. It comes with 5″ display which is very wide enough to see your baby and every thing in the baby’s room.

This video monitor has night vision mode which allows you to see you baby clearly at night in the total darkness.The set up is very easy. You will only be required to follow simple set up steps described in the user manual.

It does not need Wi-Fi or wire connection. It has several great features such as Temperature alarm, wake up sensitivity, lullabies as well as feeding alert.The temperature alarm will notify you when the room is too hot or too cold for a baby to stay.

The wake up sensitivity will let you know when your baby wakes up. The feeding alert will notify you when it is time to feed you new born.It has two way sounds mode which will help talk back to your baby or sing to your baby. The inbuilt lullabies will help you soothe your baby for comfortable sleep.


  • Has six inbuilt lullabies
  • Has great range( 900 feet)
  • Has wide screen with high resolution
  • 4 cameras can be connected at the same time.
  • Has very clear sound quality
  • Has feeding alert
  • Has temperature alarm


  • Has no smart phone app hence you can not monitor your baby through your smart phone

4. Baby Monitor Angelababy With 3.5″ Display

Baby Monitor Angelababy With 3.5" HD Display


Baby Monitor Angelababy With 3.5″ Display is one of the best baby monitor with 3.5″HD LCD display which shows clear crystal image. It can  connect up to 4 cameras with one remote monitor or display.This means if you have more than one babies in different rooms you can monitor them through one screen.

What you will be required to do is to install a camera in each room and connect them to one screen.It has 2.4 GHz FHSS secure wireless digital technology for maximum privacy protection.The auto wake up Eco mode will help you get a notification when your baby wake up.It is cheap but high quality baby monitor.


  • Great range (1000 feet)
  • Superior battery life
  • Has built in lullabies
  • High picture quality
  • Easy set up
  • Has feeding remainder feature
  • It is cheap
  • Very portable monitor
  • Has temperature alarm feature


  • Can not track baby’s breathing rates

5. Video Baby Monitor With Two Cameras by Baby Sense.

Video Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras By Baby Sense


Unlike other baby monitors, this video monitors comes with two cameras. The monitor/screen is too wide with 5 ” crystal clear LCD display which will give you a clear picture. It has infrared for night vision. The infrared will help you see you baby clearly at night.

Also this baby monitor can support up to 4 cameras at the same time. It is enhanced with a secure Wi-Fi for maximum baby protection. It had temperature alarm feature which will notify you when temperature in the baby’s room is not normal.

The inbuilt lullabies helps your to soothe your baby for comfortable sleep. The two way sound mode will help you talk back to your baby.


  • Has 360 degree over view camera
  • Has room temperature alert
  • Long range which is 960 feet and out of range warning
  • Has soothing lullabies
  • Easy set up


  • Has no humidity detection feature

Final Thoughts

Having discussed the top 5 baby monitors, you can now make a choice of the best video baby  monitor among several other options. Remember, a baby monitor is very important and If you wish to take care of your baby while carrying on with other activities comfortably with complete peace of mind then a video monitor is very essential.

Thank you very much for reading. If you ever have any comments feel free to live then below, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. I like the two options that link to your smartphone, although I do see the drawback of the Sense-U only being able to connect to one phone at a time and the Cubo only being compatible with certain phone models. Having tried out other smartphone-compatible devices, I’m wondering how solid the connection is between monitor and phone. And also, do you have any personal experience with the Sense-U or Cubo to know how connectivity changes as you move further from the monitor? Thanks! 

    • Dear Tucker

      Thank you for reading. Sense-U as well as Cubo AI baby monitors are all connecting to smart phones through a secure wi-fi. Unlike other baby monitors, these have no distance limit. This means with your smart phone, either iPhone or Andoid smart phone you can track your baby from wherever you are. It can be from the office or any other place. Best regards

  2. I have seen a couple of people talk about what the baby monitor is all about. I am very happy that you have given some very good ones here that I can buy. I am buying this for a friend who has just put to bed a couple of weeks ago. I think this will very well help her because I will get to work with her when we need to. Thank you for the reviews here Baraka.

  3. Having a close sight at ones baby gives your the kind of confidence when you are not close enough to have an eye vie of them, so there comes the importance of having a baby monitor. I have had my last child and she is 5 years old already but seeing these wonderful baby monitors makes me really happy for parents who are still on their birthing stage because they will be privileged to make use of these nice baby monitors.

  4. Great Post! Very detailed. My eldest is 12 and I bought a monitor but as I lived in an apartment it seemed pointless as I could hear her anyway. The biggest difference with the ones you’ve mentioned is they have video functionality and that changes things. Wish these were available when I needed them…. Do these connect to your phone, to check on baby if with a nanny? 

    • Ofcourse, some baby monitors do connect to smart phones while other do not. In my list Sense-U as well as Cubo AI baby monitors connect to the smart phones via secure Wi-Fi. So you can monitor your baby from a phone wherever you are. Also with these monitors you can talk back to your baby. Thank you very much. Best regads

  5. Hello Baraka, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. My wife and I have 2 babies and sometimes it is really uncomfortable to sleep thinking on kids. I think that it is a good time to get one monitor as it is not such expensive compared to its features.

  6. You made my worries about how to decide for the right baby monitor go away! Thanks to your detailed information provided, I have confidence that I will make the right decision.

    Baby’s breathing rate is something that is a must for me when choosing baby monitor, so the winner for me is a Sense-U Video Breathing Baby monitor. The only thing bothering me is that it can’t connect to more than one phone at the time. But as long as it’s connected with mine, I’m fine with it 🙂 

    • Thank you for such a nice comment Katja. Sense-U Video Breathing Baby Monitor is nice baby monitor. I recommend that for you. Best regards

  7. First of all, thank you for giving me such a wonderful article. I have a baby child but I want to be there always. But I can’t always be in front of him. So I wanted a device that I could always monitor my child with. I found a very good device in your article and I love it.  I loke sense- U video + breathing baby monitor, I want to buy this device and I like all the features of this device. Here are all the features I wanted.

    • Thank you Arzu. Sense-U Video+Breathing Baby Monitor is a very good baby monitor with very nice features. Unlike other several monitors, Sense-Breathing Baby Monitor can monitor breathing. When a baby is not breathing it sends an audible notification. Also it can easily be connected to your smart phone both iPhone and Android devices. I truly recommend that for you. Best regards

  8. I find the Cubo AI Baby Monitor a very good and I think that it will be very nice to get it. Looking at your review here. it is a very good one with so much information. There is only one con which is that it works only for IOS devices. That’s not bad since I use one. Thanks for the information.

    • Thanks John. Cubo AI Baby Monitor is a very good baby monitor. It has several great features unlike other baby monitors. It can detect danger zone, covered face, roll over as well as baby crying. Intact it is a smart monitor with a very high quality. It can easy be connected to a smart phone both iPhone and Android smart phones. Thank you once again. Best regards.

  9. This is a very nice article,I have and some experience with baby monitors and I would say they are one of the best and easy way to monitor your child while you other house jobs.i really like your selection of product that are really nice and durable I think I would get one for my wife to assist her.

  10. Thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as I has been to my household.not until now I never knew one could monitor his or her child remotely not until I read this article because the problem we have been having is how do we monitor the child and do some important work but I thinks this has solved this problem.

    • Dear Nelson

      Thank you for reading. I am glad you found this article helpful. Best regards


  11. My search for a good baby monitor brought me here, and I am really excited on seeing these wonderful baby monitors here. I am expecting my baby by January and preparations are on, but I have been on the search for a good baby monitor for a while now, but I haven’t seen any that matches my taste, but these ones here are really nice. I am interested in Sense-U Video+Breathing Baby Monitor for its features. Cheers.

    • Thank you very much Bella. Sense-U Video+Breathing Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitor. Unlike other baby monitors, Sense-U has a breathing feature. This means you can get an audible notification when a baby is not breathing. Best regards

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