Tips For Soothing A Crying Baby-What To Do When Your Baby Is Crying

There are times you will see your baby crying, this is normal since at early stages of development a baby can not verbalize his or discomfort hence crying is the main way of expressing his or her feelings and needs. The babies crying often differ. There are times you will see your baby crying for a short time while sometimes a baby may cry for little longer time.

A Woman Is Trying To Soothe A Crying Baby

In the situation where you will see your baby crying for a long period unceasingly be very aware that your baby may have a problem hence he or she needs your help. I remember the first few weeks after our baby was born he was crying a lot longer. It was indeed a very difficult time for us. In this article we are going to look at the common reasons for babies crying as well as tips for soothing a crying baby.

Why Do Babies Cry?

The following are the common reasons to why babies cry;-

  • Hunger

Hunger is one of the major reasons for most of the babies crying. When a baby is not well-fed he or she may cry. When a hungry baby cries he or she is telling you that is hungry. Since a baby can not speak he or she will let you know that is hungry through crying.

Remember, during the first two months since birth a baby feels hungry more often because at this period a baby’s stomach is small hence cannot accommodate more breast milk or formula.

  • Illness

Illness may make your baby uncomfortable. When a baby is ill, he or she may cry due to discomfort and pains. Again since a baby can not tell you that he or she is ill hence the only way a baby will want to communicate with you is through crying. So when a baby cry for the long time unceasingly he or she maybe ill.

It is very difficult to soothe a sick baby. It is important to critically examine your baby to find out the reason for his crying. If your baby cries for too long and his or her temperature is too high above 100 degrees of Fahrenheit in this situation a baby’s crying maybe caused by illness.

  • Wet Diaper or Nappy

Wet diaper or nappy maybe a reason to why your baby cry. The baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive hence a wet diaper or nappy may make your baby uncomfortable leading to crying.

If you leave your baby with wet nappy or diaper for a long time, your baby may get infections which can either be candida or fungal infections. In addition to that wet diaper may cause diaper rash.

  • Too Much Noise

Too much noise may disturb a baby leading to crying. The noise may make a baby uncomfortable which eventually makes a baby cry. It is clear that a baby needs to live in the calm environment. The cool and calm environment may influence baby’s better mental development.

Ways For Soothing A Crying Baby

In order to comfort or calm a crying baby, first do the following;-

  • Check The Diaper or Nappy

Diaper Change

Check the baby’s diaper or nappy and if you find either a nappy or diaper is wet or dirty make sure you change. In this situation, the crying maybe caused by a wet or dirty diaper. It is recommended that you change baby’s nappy or diaper frequently

.Babies need at least 8 nappy changes in a day or sometimes more. Remember to wash your baby nappy area with mild soap. Dry your baby nappy area and then put the diaper on.

  • Try to Feed Your Baby

Breast Feeding

As discussed earlier, sometimes a baby may cry due to hunger. Infants  feel hungry more often. If you were little busy and forgot to feed your baby then try to feed him or her. You can either feed your baby with breast milk or formula. Remember, a baby should consume a right amount of food at the right time. You may click here to read the baby feeding guidelines.

  • Try to Change the Scenery

Sometimes a noisy environment can make a baby cry. You may have gone shopping or are with baby in the noisy environment, for a baby to calm down you need to change the environment. Try to move and stay with your baby in the calm and quite environment. This will help keep a baby calm.

If you have tried all the above ways and they seem not working, then try the following common baby soothing methods;-

  • Turn Off the Lights

If your baby is crying at night then turn off the rights. This method is very helpful to make a crying baby calm. It further helps a baby learn that night is the time for sleeping.

  • White Noise

Some noise or sounds may help to calm down a crying baby. These are known as soothing noise or sounds. Remember these are different to the other noise in sense that they help to soothe a baby. The noises produced by the vacuum cleaner as well as clothes drier are the best examples of white noise. There in order to sooth a crying baby run a vacuum cleaner or a clothes drier.

  • Sucking

A Baby Is Sucking A Pacifier


Sucking is also one of the best way that may help to calm a crying baby. Here the pacifier is the best option. So let your baby suck on the pacifier. This will then help to calm a crying baby.

  • Swaddling

Sometimes fear may cause baby crying. In this situation wrap your baby in a blanket. By so doing you will help your baby feel well and calm.


Remember it is a matter of time. Usually during the first two months a baby cries a lot especially at night. By the age of three months a baby will not cry for as long as before. Always take care of your baby and show him or her a great love. However, if your baby continues to cry for too long, please see your doctor for further advice.

Thank you very much for reading, if you ever have any comments feel free to leave them below, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips on how to soothe a crying baby. New moms and dads are juggling a lot of new things so it’s helpful to have a reminder of the top reasons that the baby may be crying. Lighting is an important element of sleep and comfort for most people, so it makes sense that it should be adjusted to see if it may help to soothe a crying baby too. 

    • Hi, Aly. Thank you for reading this article. I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed reading the article. All the best.

  2. Hello baraka. Here you are again with another round of awesome tips to be used when a baby is crying. I totally agree with all you have written here. I think that the white noise you have added is a very effective way to stop a baby from crying. It is in fact a secret that not so many mothers know about. Very nice of you to share that fact here. I should share this to help other mothers as well.

    • Dear, Henderson. Your comment is great. I agree with you that although white noise is the best way to comfort a crying baby, many parents are unaware of this. Sharing this article with other parents is the good Idea. Wish you the best.


  3. This is very very good. A tip that my sister needs to know about because she has just given birth to a baby and she doesn’t really know all about it. You might think that it is really ridiculous that I am helping her out with this research. I like the fact that you have first mentioned the problems and then gone on to list their solutions. I will share this with her.

  4. Hi Baraka

    It always makes you upset when you hear a baby cry and something you do not know what to do. The checklist you have come up with is so important, it is necessary to check everything is okay with the child. It is not hungry, not wet, not need burping and in a quiet environment. Sometimes you do everything and the baby is still crying, where a change of scenery is important. Sometimes the baby all they need is human contact and they will quickly settle down.

    One trick I have found if a baby is restless is to drive in a car, where the rocking can settle them down.

    Great article. When do you know when a child crying becomes an emergency situation?



    • Dear Antonio

      Thank you for a honest comment. Since babies can not verbalize their discomfort, crying remain their primary way to communicate with parents. Excessive crying and excessive fussiness indicate the possibility of serious medical problem. In this situation, it is obvious that a baby needs emergency care. It is important to see a doctor for a thorough examination. Best regards


  5. Wow! This is a good article. I have read your article “Tips For Soothing A Crying Baby  ” this is so helpful to all.Anyone can know tips for soothing a crying baby by reading your article especially the new mothers. Thanks for your article.     

    What is the reason ” the baby suddenly crying at mid might”?     What is the solution?  

    • Dear Nayem. Thank you for a honest comment. It is true that sometimes a baby can cry suddenly at midnight. So far the exact cause of this condition is unknown but it is believed that fear and stress may be the major reasons. But it is also believed to be a developmental stage. Cuddling and touching a baby may help to calm a baby. Thank you once again, I wish you the best.


  6. Hello there thanks for this awesome article  it will be of great help to the public as this issue is a very important issue that cannot be overemphasized. Most times my wife usually leave our son to me especially when she want to get something he would  begin to cry and cry and cry not until I came across an article like this and It help me alot now i can carry my son anytime without fear that he’s going to bring the roof down.

  7. Hello there thanks for this awesome article my nephew always cry when he is left with me I  usually do all I can but he doesn’t stop and I have given up that I am the worst person when It comes to children but not after I read  this I think I am ready to take on him next time because all I have read now is what I see his mother do when he cries but never knew they worked.

    • Dear Nelson

      First of all, thank you very much for reading this article. I am glad you found it helpful. Second, don’t worry.  Try the recommended methods in this article to comfort a crying baby. I hope the methods will work. I would also like to tell you that be patient. Wish you the best.

  8. Nice tips for soothing a crying baby.  I have experienced it in the recent past and I absolutely agree with you. You have introduced 4 reasons for a baby’s cry, but why didn’t you include two more points? 

    (1) When they feel sleepy 

    (2) When they feel the pressure of urine.

    My baby is a bit older now, she’s about >2.5 years. She passed her infant period but still cries when she sleeps, when she wakes up, when she needs something etc. We don’t know how to stop this crying mania.

    • Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. I agree with you that when a baby feels sleepy he cries also a pressure of urine can make some babies cry.

      A baby’s crying, especially when he wakes up or when he needs something is normal and you don’t need to afraid. But if the baby keeps crying for longer please don’t hesitate to see a doctor. Perhaps the baby may have a problem. Good lucky.


  9. Thanks very much admin for this great article about the tips for soothing a crying baby, it has really been enjoyable because I have been experiencing this with my wife when our two months son cries at night and we try to breast feed him but he keeps on crying but with this information am gonna try the tips provided to sooth my son. Thanks admin. 

    • Thank you for reading and I’m glad you found this article helpful. Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time. By the age of three months old your baby won’t be crying for as long as he does now. Wish you the best.


  10. Hello Baraka!

    In our very first part of life, crying is the way to express our feelings and needs, and parents really have to learn a new language: the… Crying! 🙂

    So that they become able to distinguish the sound nuances of their babies’ crying and figure out what they want. Do they have hunger? Do they feel sick? Maybe they just want some attention?… There should be an entire “primitive” language.

    My father told me that when I was very little (and noisy in the bed), he put some pre-classical music for me to listen and I became instantly quiet :). So, there is a variety of responses adults can give to their crying babies for soothing them!

    This first part of children’s life may be pretty stressing, but it eventually passes. Love and patience are good approaches for it.

    Have good luck and enjoy the time with your family!


    • Dear Peter

      Thanks for a honest comment. I am glad you enjoyed reading this article. I agree with you that love and patience are very important when soothing a newborn. Wish you the best.


  11. wow what a great article, I find it clear simple and a free flow of information, personally I used to attend baby care classes when my wife was expectant, she used to insist we go together, haha,, you know how expectant mothers are, so we learnt a lot there , but I just learnt new methods to of soothing a crying baby from your article, that white noise, that’s new to me, I will try it out when our next baby come, thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.

  12. This article is really helpful to the newly married couples and the singles who are yet to experience such things like soothing a baby especially the infants, I thing this article will go along way in help the inexperience people to know how to take care of babies as well as every possible means of soothing a crying baby considering all the methods that has been discussed in the article, thanks for this review it is really helpful.

  13. Great post for new parents! I wish I had these recommendations when I had my boy (he’s 3 years old now). I saw that white noise works for some babies but now all of them (by example, mine!). What seems to work for my boy was sucking and swaddling. These are great tips since we are all thrown on this new ”baby” world without real guide. Every baby is different and it is a matter of trying your recommendations to see what suit the best for your newborn. Thanks! Al

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