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The health of the baby is very crucial.The baby with good health can grow and develop well. This means if you can take a serious care and work hard to follow various baby health care tips, your baby will be safe and free from various health problems. Failure to take serious care on the issues related to the health of the baby may results to the poor health of the baby associated with infections and diseases.

You are required to understand various baby health care tips. These will help you take necessary actions and procedures to maintain and improve the health of your baby. The following are the major ways that one can apply to maintain and improve the health of a baby.

A Balanced and Health Diet

At the age of six months a baby can be introduced to solid foods. The food must be well balanced and healthy. Well balanced and healthy diet is very important to the health of the baby. This is due to the fact that balanced and healthy diet contributes to the growth of the baby.

Decide the kind of food to give a baby. At the beginning, combine breastfeeding and the solid foods. Also, start with the liquid form kind of foods then later on you may give a baby heavy texture foods. Give a baby natural fruit juice as well as yellow vegetables. Do not give cow milk to a baby since cow milk has a great amount of fats which are harmful to the health of the baby. At the age of 12 months you can then give the baby cow milk.

Feed a baby at right time also make sure a baby is well fed and satisfied. Respect the appetite of The baby. You may face several challenges when feeding a baby but take them normal as a baby sometimes may not prefer solid foods at the beginning because of the solid foods but eventually the baby will adapt to these changes.

Baby Self Hygiene

A baby must always stay clean. Never leave a baby unattended. Dirty is one of the major causes of infections to the baby leading to diseases. This means, baby’s poor hygiene associated with dirty may lead to high rate of infections which in turn lowers body immunity.

With low immunity a baby can be more vulnerable to diseases. In order to ensure baby self hygiene the following should be done;-

  • Bath your baby.Use a baby soap, shower gel and a towel. Also, use clean warm water during bathing. It is recommended to start baby bathing after baby’s umbilical cord falls.
  • Wash baby clothes. Dirty clothes should be washed well.Wash clothes with soap as well as clean water.
  • Change diaper regularly. Change a diaper after every three hours. Failure to do so can cause diaper rashes to the skin of the baby. Also, during changing the diaper wipe the bottom using baby wipes.

Avoid Too Much Use of Antibiotics

Do not give a baby antibiotic often times. You can only do so after being advised by the professional and experienced medical doctor. The decision to use antibiotics should be the last option. Too much use of antibiotics can cause several side effects to the health of the baby.

Some antibiotics are unnecessary and may finally weaken the baby’s immune system. In this situation a baby can be easily attacked by the diseases and hence becomes weak. In case, you are advised to apply antibiotic by the doctor, make sure the antibiotic is used as directed by a doctor.

Failure to follow the instructions as directed by the doctor may cause very serious healthy problems to the baby. There fore in order to ensure the safety of the baby you are advised to follow the recommendations given out by the doctor. Further more antibiotic must be provided to a baby in accordance to the right quantity and time as advised.

Talk to Your Baby

Talk to your baby often times. This habit contributes to the development of the baby’s brain. Also, helps to promote baby’s ability to speak early than normal. Further more it helps to promote the positive relationship between a baby and parents.

The studies reveal that, the habit of parents talking to their babies contribute great toward the development of positive emotions to the babies. Baby’s joy can also be attribute by this habit. A baby feels the sense of love from the parents.

Therefore, keep talking to your baby in order to strengthen the positive relationship with your baby. This means the meaningful relationship full of love and affection.

Always Keep a Baby’s Room Clean

A baby must stay in a clean and well ventilated room. Clean a baby’s room at least twice a week. During the cleanliness make sure the baby is not in the room. The baby often plays on the floor hence the floor must be cleaned well. Also remember to clean the toys.

The cleanliness of the baby’s room is very important towards the health of a baby. This is due to the fact that a baby is more vulnerable to the infections compared to the other people, if we will let our babies stay in dirty rooms we will subject them into dangers of infections which in turn cause diseases.

Enough Time to Sleep

A baby need to have enough time to sleep and rest. This will help to boost the baby immune system. Studies reveal that a person who gets enough time to sleep and rest have a possibility to have longer life span compared to the person who do not.

However, the environment should be conducive to allow a comfortable sleep. Don’t allow any form of noises in the baby room. Noise of any kind may cause the disturbances which may affect the baby during sleep. In addition to that a room must be well ventilated.

Visit a Doctor

Arrange regular appointments with a doctor. Do not wait until a baby get sick, instead visit a doctor regularly for baby health checkups. Find a professional and experienced medical doctor for handling all matters related to the health of a baby.

Baby health checkups are very important. These helps a doctor to take early measures when a baby found with health problems. There fore the problem can be treated easily. Further more a doctor may give out advises for the purposes of improving the health of the baby.

Therefore, the health of a baby is something very important. If we want our baby grow and develop well we must first make sure that we take care of their health. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that a baby is healthy. This can be achieved through applying various baby health care tips.

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  1. Thank you for these great baby health tips. I hope that new parents will find this page and get the guidance they need on health care for their baby. Like you said, taking care of the baby’s health is very important because that is when their body and brain are developing. 

    Thanks for clarifying that babies can’t have cow milk until later. I didn’t know it was because of the fats in the cow milk. 

    I like the idea of talking to the baby too. They might not know your words but it will help them learn language. and also they will get the feel of the words. 

    • Yeah, it is not recommended to give an infant cow milk since cow milk has great amount of fats. Breestfeeding or formula is highly advised.I appreciate your comment.Thank you

  2. Hello baraka, nice to meet you. This are very good tips to keep a baby healthy. I’m not yet a mother bit I hope to be some day and I really love babies. My sister just gave birth a few months ago and she kept giving her baby too many antibiotics and it took a toll, I think that is a very interesting point you picked out. Great post overall. Best regards!

    • Thank you Henderson. You know giving a baby too many antibiotics is bad since some of the antibiotics are unnecessary and may results to several problems on the baby’s health. Antibiotic can lower the baby’s immunity. But a parent can give antibiotics to a baby if advised to do so by a professional medical doctor.

  3. The health of a baby is important for its lifetime. The things a baby learns in the beginning will surely stick with them. So it’s important to take care of these things from the start or else it will be too late by the grade school years. 

    I will say that bathing a baby often can pose a risk as well unless of course some of those sessions are just bird baths with a light soap. Kids soap can be just as harsh and should be looked at carefully before using.

    Great post!


    • Thanks Shannon.Sure, one need to be very careful when bathing a baby as this can prevent occurrence of accidents.Also bathing a baby should not be done always.

  4. This is a really educating and helpful post. Taking care of babies in the right way and providing for their needs  in due time is not just Paramount but would also speak for the child when it grows up. This is a well structured review that is fully packaged with health tips that shouldn’t be taken for granted. My friend just had a bouncing baby and I think he really needs to get educated and taught with by this review. Thanks for this great review. 

  5. Dear Baraka,

    Thanks for the article I enjoyed it, having a six-month-old baby your article means a lot to me.

    Baby’s health is the utmost priority. When baby continuously crying we struggle a lot and not sure what to do. When the baby is not feeling good the atmosphere in the home itself is terrible and to be honest we can’t even eat. As you mentioned taking care of the baby is very important, as we all know prevention is better than cure.

    The information you shared on “Talk to Your Baby” is an eye-opener for me. Going forward I am going to talk more with our baby.

    Oh my GOD, I thought we need to fix an appointment with the doctor only when the baby is sick but you have provided valuable advice.

    This a very thorough and in-depth article. Thank you for taking the time to do this.  

    Much Success!


    • Thank you Paul. Congratulation.I am glad to hear that you have a baby and you sometimes spend a time taking care of your baby.I love babies and happy to hear that you enjoyed reading this article.Be blessed.

  6. Great for all parents, Baby health care tips improve the health of your baby. In addition to what was suggested here, the cleanliness of those who approach, cuddle or take care of the baby is very crucial. Most of us do not realize that we bring major bacteria or germs in our body especially our mouth and hands. That is why do not be offended if there are parents who would request you to use disinfectant before going near the baby. The food, baby’s regular hygiene, the quality of air as well and the upkeeping of the bay’s environment should always include cleanliness and safety, parents should regularly talk, I mean straight talk not even baby talk the baby from the start. It helps them to pick the right thing to their brain. Avoid conflict or shouting matches at home. Make the baby always comfortable. Let the baby get fresh air as well so it is good to take her/him out somewhere green or maybe near the sea or lake. Nature nurtures the main growth within. This is important tips for all who have a baby or who would want to have their baby.

    • Hello! Thanks for your contribution.Sure, parents must do whatever they can to make the baby comfortable.

  7. Hello Baraka. Nice article you have here on baby health care tips. To tell you the truth, the only thing I knew about babies (as a solid fact) was that they must not eat chocolate when they are too young.

    I guess that goes to your saying of solid foods after six months. I also kinda knew that baby needs to sleep more. I’ve seen my cousin’s kids went to sleep very often when they were infants.

    Me, as a child, had bad experience with antibiotics. They gave me an injection that was called triple (I guess 3 antibiotics in one) and I had developed high fever. This injection was later discontinued because I guess other kids have shown similar symptoms.

    I’m glad I stumbled upon your article. Have a nice day.

    • Thank you very much George.Antibiotics are not good to babies,but a baby can  be given when advised by a professional doctor.It should not be always since too much use of antibiotics have several negative impacts on the baby’s health.

    • Thank you George for sharing your story with us.So sorry for what happed to you when you were a little baby.Hope parents have something important to learn from this story.Stay blessed

  8. Hi Baraka! I’m impressed on how much useful information you have here on your blog for parents. I have bookmarked to find your site later, but I have stayed here for a while and have already read quite a few posts.

    I hadn’t stopped to think about all the benefits we can reap just by talking to our baby. Besides building up the relationship between our baby and us, I have realize that it helps our babies to talk faster. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

  9. These are indeed the basics to having an healthy baby. You don’t necessarily have to give your baby the best of baby food in the market for them to be healthy and sound. Most people have neglected the effectiveness of small things like plaaying with baby, hygiene, and good sleep. I love the way have presented this post. Most importantly the idea of drugs for babies should be on the minimal because their body may not be well strong to deal with some antibiotics and when taken, its hard to control. Best regards.

  10. Most mother’s need to read this information and get it digested in them. Often times, we are clueless about some certain health issues springing up in our babies and we don’t know that sometimes, it might be due to our ignorance. The tips you have shared here are spot on especially the Leeds use of antibiotics. Most people do not know that. I will surely forward this information out to everyone I know of.

  11. I wasn’t sure at exactly what age solid foods should be introduced to babies, so your information is most valuable. I totally agree that food must be well balanced and healthy. A solid food that is really popular these days and is really nutritious that may be good for six month olds might be avocados I feel. Would you agree? Hygiene is so important. As gross as it is it’s really important to keep the baby clean as much as possible. I like how you’ve mentioned avoiding antibiotics and I agree, too many antibiotics can be a bad thing.  A more natural process is advisable. Again I appreciate your post, well done! 

  12. This is a great educational article. I love babies and it’s awesome to find content on babies and their health on the web. 

    You have brought your points home in a simple manner that anyone could understand. This a post that all parents and nannies, and actually everyone should interact with. I love the purpose of your website, and I just hope this information would go viral, for the welfare of our babies, the future generation.

    Every baby would be most comfortable if parents followed this

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