Baby Care Basics-Essential Needs of the Baby

A Smiling Baby

A baby needs special care. Baby care basics consist of essential principles and needs which influence the growth and development of the baby.

There are various essential needs of the baby. These needs are very important in such a way that a baby require them in order to live comfortable.The growth and development of a baby greatly depends on these requirements. The following are the essential needs of the baby:-

Baby Diapers

Since babies are unable to go the toilet, they require diapers.The two common types of diapers are disposable and cloth diapers. Baby DiaperDisposable diapers can only be used once unlike to the cloth diapers which can be used several times. This means when a cloth diaper has been used, it can be washed and get used again. You may decide to use one of these two types.

In order to ensure the baby is always clean away from smells you are advised to buy several diaper bags.Diapers are essential in absorbing the baby’s urine and hence keeps a baby away from smells associated with urine. You should also buy baby wipes, these are very important when you change a diaper to the baby.

Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is highly recommended method of feeding a baby. However due to various reasons you may decide to use the bottle feedingBreast Feeding method as the supplement to the breast feeding.When you decide to use bottle feeding method you are required to follow the recommended formula for preparation of the baby’s food.

Proper and required nutrition to the baby is very important to the baby growth and development. I advise you to make sure that baby’s food is of high quality and you should follow all the necessary tip on feeding a baby including timely feeding which in turn accelerate baby’s growth.

Failure to prepare the baby’s food in accordance to the recommended formula by the experts may result to the poor growth of a baby due to the shortage of nutrients in the food. Poor growth caused by poor nutritional requirements in the baby’s food may make a baby weak.


Like other human beings a baby need clothes. You are advised to buy clothes for a baby.However, you should not spend a lot of moneyBaby Clothes buying lots of clothes for a child since the body of an infant grows very fast.Also, clothes to be bought depends on the weather and climatic condition of the place.

You can buy other more clothes as the baby grow. In addition to that babies clothes should be clean. This will help to prevent a baby from diseases. The baby should also stay in the clean and safe environment.


Bathing is also very important to a baby.However, bathing is recommended to start after the babies umbilical cord falls. It takes up to two

Baby Bathing

weeks for the baby umbilical cord to fall. There are several requirements necessary for the baby especially when bathing. Among these requirements are baby soap, shower gel as well as towel.

During bathing warm clean water are very suitable than cold water since cold water can cause health problems to a baby.Also, during bathing you should be very careful and should not let a baby stay in the water for the long time. The baby should be handled with a very great care during bathing and after bathing.

Medicine and Vaccination

A baby may get sick just like other human beings. If  perhaps you observe any abnormal condition to a baby such as extreme crying you

A Baby Is Given A Vaccine

are advised to consult a medical doctor for treatment and advise.You are advised don’t try to give medicine to the baby unless advised to do so by the professional medical doctor. It is very dangerous to the baby if you will give a baby the medicine without consulting the medical doctor. This may cause severe healthy problems to the child.

Vaccination is very important to a baby. This is done to prevent a baby from diseases. You are advised to make sure that the baby gets all the important vaccines. Failure to do so is dangerous to the baby’s health and will make a baby easily attacked by the diseases.

Finally,as a parent you are advised to ensure that your baby gets all the needs since they are very important for growth and development of your baby. In addition to that you are also advised to show love and care to your baby.

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  1. Great read! Covered a lot of areas here in one smooth read, I have raises many children and glad someone is taking the time to help inform others about the needs of our little babies.

  2. The basics of childcare you have itemized very clear and direct to the point. The screen look is very pleasing. In all that you said about the child or baby care, the best one is about clothes and bathing. Many new parents are fumling how to do it and it’s good you have touched this information. Good for the new married couple.

  3. Although our baby is now 2.5 years old, what you are saying is exactly what a new parent needs to know. What made my wife’s life difficult was breastfeeding, which lasted for about two months. Perhaps the training he received from the hospital was not appropriate. I wish to a future pregnancy to find out more about this and we are prepared. Thank you for the info.

  4. A great post on what babies needs are. If one hasn’t had any experience in looking after a baby, had any baby siblings or had a baby themselves, it is very daunting to know what’s required to look after a baby. Thanks for creating this informative post.

  5. A great post on what babies needs are. If one hasn’t had any experience in looking after a baby, had any baby siblings or had a baby themselves, it is very daunting to know what’s required to look after a baby. When I had my first baby I didn’t have any experience in looking after a baby then suddenly I had a baby to look after so having some information like this is very helpful. 

    Thanks for creating this informative post.

  6. Excellent article,very interesting and more educative,baby needs a great care from the parents and every steps you have mentioned ranging from baby diapers,breast feeding,bathing,clothing,and vaccination is very important to a baby. This is done to prevent a baby from diseases etc,all these are very essential to take good care of the baby,because they are depending on their parents to take absolute care about them,playing with the baby and all that, make life comfortable for the baby,thank you for sharing.

  7. Dear Baraka,

    By GODS grace my wife gave birth to a boy baby in March 2019. Since then I often check online for baby care and parenting information. While doing some research I came across your helpful and informative post.

    Information on Baby Feeding is very helpful. You have covered all the basics, and I got helpful insights from your post.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here. I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented.

    Much Success!


  8. As a father of three, I can confirm that the comments in this post are spot on. There’s so much to think about when looking after a baby, so this is a great little reminder of the basics that you need to look out for. 

    Just in regards to the diapers, I only ever used disposable diapers with my children, but wondered if you might be able to expand on what the washing of reusable diapers might be like – how time intensive, cost of additional cleaning supplies, for example.

    • Thanks for your good comment Ben.Congratulation for being such a responsible father.Of course, there are two types of diapers as I have explained in my article.But most of the parents prefer to use disposable diapers mainly due to the time factor.However the advantage of cloth diapers over disposable diapers is that cloth diapers can be used several times.They are washed after use and hence helps parents to save money.They can be used several times.

  9. As a mother of 2 boys, I really enjoyed reading your post.

    You have addressed the key areas of care in a baby’s life in relation to breastfeeding, diapers, clothes, bathing and medication.

    I agree with you completely that a baby must not be given medicine unless advised by the professional medical doctor. Some babies cry a lot and this can tempt their carers to give them medication.

    I’m convinced that every mother out there will find this post informative.

    • Thanks a lot.I am glad that you enjoyed reading this article.Congratulation for having two baby boys.All the best

  10. Good job Baraka, do you speak Yoruba? I asked because I do. Your last sentence is really very important. A baby needs our tender love and care. Some babies emphasis their demand for your presence to provide them with some form of physical touch. I have personally witnessed scenes when the baby would cry each time the baby is left to be alone. At that stage I think it’s OK not to abandon the baby. Thanks

    • Thank you very much Batife.I am glad that you enjoyed reading this article.Well said we should try our level best not to leave our babies alone.They always need us.Our babies should never be left unattended.

  11. Taking good care of our babies is a very vital duty for every parent because the little once still lack the ability to do so by themselves.

    I love your post for it is quite helpful and very informative. I have already bookmarked your page and will sure come back for more of this.

    Thanks for sharing!


  12. I couldn’t agree more, babies need special care. From diapers to clothes and breast feeding to bathing, there are so many factors to consider. I like how you’ve brought awareness to the variant of breast feeding, the bottle, and provided useful tips in regard to food preparation. I remember when I was young overalls were popular kids’ clothing. Do you know if they are still popular today or what is the most popular? Relatives of mine are expecting and recommendations are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

    • Thank you. You are right,overalls were most popular during our time, but some parents still use them today

  13. Thanks for this informative and helpful post, I was searching on things I need to know about babies, I and my wife is actually expecting soonest and I wanted to brush up my knowledge on taking care of kids when I came across this article. It has really educated me on alot about kids. Thanks alot for sharing. 

  14. Hi Baraka

    Again with you I have to congratulate you now for another article of yours where you talk about the essential care for our baby. Your clothes, diapers and the importance of complying with the vaccination schedule all very well detailed. 

    My sister will be very happy following all the advice of your amazing site.

    Greetings! Claudio

  15. Babies are adorable and they are very tender too, so because of this, there a some essentials they must have as it is said in this post.  This is a really useful post and its gonna be very helpful to new mothers who don’t have any experience about getting essentials for baby. I like the list, its really complete and they’ll help the baby grow comfortably and healthily. Thank to sharing this educative post, I’ll share it with my other half cos we expecting a baby very soon and this article will really help in getting stuffs.

     Please do you have a recommended site where I can get quality baby stuffs ? If so, please suggest. Thanks

  16. Baby care is really important. This are basic essentials that you have mentioned here. I understand they breastfeeding is very important for every kids growth. Without that, the child might not grow well. One other thing that is worthy of note is vaccination. Like you have said, without tbis, a baby will be easily attacked. This is very accurate. Nice one!

    • Thank you very much Henderson. You are right Breastfeeding as well as vaccination are very important for the baby

  17. Thank you once again for this important information. I just left you a comment on your other post entitled Baby Feeding Guidelines. I continued looking through your website and you have a lot of fantastic information here that will greatly help many first time newborn parents like my nephew and his wife. These baby care basics every parent needs to know and you once again have done a great job explaining the process.

  18. This post is straight to the point and accurate and I must say that having read this, one can make good preparation for ones child. You have really touched on all the basics that parents need to get when they have their child. Taking bath of the child well, giving good vaccination and breast feeling too is important. This is a nicely written post. I hope to see some more from you Baraka. Nice!

  19. Great list on what you need for a newborn baby. I’m happy to see you included vaccinations on the list. With so many people nowadays choosing not to give their kids these essential vaccincations they are harming everyone else around them too. The more awareness around it, the better. People need to realise that choosing not to vaccinate is not their choice to make!

    • Thank you Hollie. Vaccinations are very important to a baby. Prevention is better than cure.

  20. This is a very helpful guide for the new parents. I think using of diapers is much preferable by me because of the irritation that can be occur through pampas. I also consider bathing very important. This is the myth in my culture that says when a newborn baby is not properly bath after birth, it might result to a life time body odor. This is why this habit can’t be underrated because no mum will love this child emitting bad body odor.

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