Baby Care Basics-Essential Needs of the Baby

A baby needs special care. Baby care basics consist of essential principles and needs which influence the growth and development of the baby.

There are various essential needs of the baby. These needs are very important in such a way that a baby require them in order to live comfortable.The growth and development of a baby greatly depends on these requirements. The following are the essential needs of the baby:-

Baby Diapers

Since babies are unable to go the toilet, they require diapers.The two common types of diapers are disposable and cloth diapers. Disposable diapers can only be used once unlike to the cloth diapers which can be used several times. This means when a cloth diaper has been used, it can be washed and get used again. You may decide to use one of these two types.

In order to ensure the baby is always clean away from smells you are advised to buy several diaper bags.Diapers are essential in absorbing the baby’s urine and hence keeps a baby away from smells associated with urine. You should also buy baby wipes, these are very important when you change a diaper to the baby.

Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is highly recommended method of feeding a baby. However due to various reasons you may decide to use the bottle feeding method as the supplement to the breast feeding.When you decide to use bottle feeding method you are required to follow the recommended formula for preparation of the baby’s food.

Proper and required nutrition to the baby is very important to the baby growth and development. I advise you to make sure that baby’s food is of high quality and you should follow all the necessary tip on feeding a baby including timely feeding which in turn accelerate baby’s growth.

Failure to prepare the baby’s food in accordance to the recommended formula by the experts may result to the poor growth of a baby due to the shortage of nutrients in the food. Poor growth caused by poor nutritional requirements in the baby’s food may make a baby weak.


Like other human beings a baby need clothes. You are advised to buy clothes for a baby.However, you should not spend a lot of money buying lots of clothes for a child since the body of an infant grows very fast.Also, clothes to be bought depends on the weather and climatic condition of the place.

You can buy other more clothes as the baby grow. In addition to that babies clothes should be clean. This will help to prevent a baby from diseases. The baby should also stay in the clean and safe environment.


Bathing is also very important to a baby.However, bathing is recommended to start after the babies umbilical cord falls. It takes up to two

weeks for the baby umbilical cord to fall. There are several requirements necessary for the baby especially when bathing. Among these requirements are baby soap, shower gel as well as towel.

During bathing warm clean water are very suitable than cold water since cold water can cause health problems to a baby.Also, during bathing you should be very careful and should not let a baby stay in the water for the long time. The baby should be handled with a very great care during bathing and after bathing.

Medicine and Vaccination

A baby may get sick just like other human beings. If  perhaps you observe any abnormal condition to a baby such as extreme crying you

are advised to consult a medical doctor for treatment and advise.You are advised don’t try to give medicine to the baby unless advised to do so by the professional medical doctor. It is very dangerous to the baby if you will give a baby the medicine without consulting the medical doctor. This may cause severe healthy problems to the child.

Vaccination is very important to a baby. This is done to prevent a baby from diseases. You are advised to make sure that the baby gets all the important vaccines. Failure to do so is dangerous to the baby’s health and will make a baby easily attacked by the diseases.

Finally,as a parent you are advised to ensure that your baby gets all the needs since they are very important for growth and development of your baby. In addition to that you are also advised to show love and care to your baby.



  1. Great read! Covered a lot of areas here in one smooth read, I have raises many children and glad someone is taking the time to help inform others about the needs of our little babies.

  2. The basics of childcare you have itemized very clear and direct to the point. The screen look is very pleasing. In all that you said about the child or baby care, the best one is about clothes and bathing. Many new parents are fumling how to do it and it’s good you have touched this information. Good for the new married couple.

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