At What Age Does A Baby Start Teething?-Understand The Symptoms And The Best Ways To Help A Baby.

A Baby Is Holding A Teething Toy

Teething refers to the emergence of new teeth through gums. An infant first tooth can appear at the age between 4-10 months. Approximately a baby first tooth can be seen at the age of 6 months. The first tooth to be seen is one of the lower central incisors which is the bottom middle tooth.

Some babies may have no problems with teething while for others this is a challenging stage. Pains in the gums may make a baby feel very uncomfortable. In this article entitled at what age does a baby start teething, we are going to look at various issues and aspects of baby teething, as follows;-

Teething Symptoms

The common teething symptoms and signs are;-

  • Changes in sleeping patterns. Teething may result to decreased sleeping especially at night. Sleeplessness is due to discomfort.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Slight increase of the body temperature. The baby’s body temperature may increase slightly but not above 100 degrees of Fahrenheit.
  • Fussiness.
  • Rashes around the mouth.
  • Wanting to chew and bite everything.
  • Swollen gums.
  • Pulling ears and rubbing a chin.

Teething Fever

Can teething cause fever? Researches show that there is no direct relationship between teething and fever. It is true that teething can cause pains in the baby’s gums but can not cause fever. Also, the baby’s temperature may rise slightly to 100 degrees of Fahrenheit. Still, this can not cause fever.

Cough, diarrhea and committing are not associated with teething but rather they are caused by infections. Never assume that, they are related to teething. If you see any abnormal condition to the baby contact the professional medical doctor immediately.

Teething Medicine

There are some medicine which can be used to treat teething pains. The recommended medicines are;-

  • Ibuprofen. This is Ideal to the babies who are above six months of age.
  • Acetaminophen. This is one of the best medicine for pain relief. But do not prefer to give your baby medicine regularly.

Remember medicine should be given to a baby as the last priority after other methods failed to help a baby. Both Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen should be taken by mouth. It is not recommended giving a baby products that contain Aspirin as they have several side effects to a baby including Reye’s syndrome. In any case see a doctor for advice before giving a baby medicine.

Teething Toys

Baby teething toys help to relieve the pains associated with teething. Before buying a teething toy for your baby you have to be careful in order to get a right one for him or her. The common teething toys are bumpy rings and rattles. It is recommended to chill the toys in the freezer for a short time. This is due to the fact that cool temperature help to reduce pains just as ice on an injury.

Too cold teething toys are not Ideal to a baby since may hurt a baby also it is difficult to hold them. Biting down a toy may increase a pressure hence reduce the pains in the gums. Clean the teething toys after a baby uses them. After cleaning, store them in a refrigerator. This will keep the teething toys safe for the baby’s healthy and can eventually be used when needed.

Final Thoughts

Teething is an important phase in the baby’s life. Being aware of when does a baby start teething will help you take the necessary precautions at the right time. Always try to be close to your baby. A baby will need your help as he or she often feels pain in the gums.

Sometimes a baby may cry, this is due to discomfort. In this situation try different things in order to help a baby feel better. Try a teething toy or a ring. Remember, this is just a phase, it will pass. My wife and I also went through this phase and then it passed.

During this period a baby is going through many challenges. But not everything you see to your baby has occurred as the result of teething. If you observe any condition which is extreme to your baby please see a doctor as soon as possible, perhaps the condition is not related to teething at all.

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you ever have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. Hi Baraka

    Thank you for that interesting article on teething and I fully understand the implication of what this does to the baby, as it is a miserable time for them. The main problem with teething is that this causes excessive salvia production, which can dribble out causing a rash around the mouth, which can be hard to treat.

    Teething gels, toys and even teething biscuits are all useful, as well as distracting the child. Thank God it is only for a short time, as the poor mite really look grumpy and miserable.



    • Dear Antonio

      Thank you for reading. Teething period is really a difficult time for some babies but the good news is that this period doesn’t last for a long time. Best regards


  2. Thank you for supplying this much information on the process and facts involved in a baby’s teething. To be honest, I have believed in the myth surrounding a baby’s teething as being the course of fever. However, thank you for sharing this with us all. I am very sure that this would be of immense benefit to people in need of this. Thanks so much for the information. Thumbs up

  3. Thanks for this article, I am a first time parent and my baby is coming up on two months old so I thought I would start poking around to see when my little one might start getting their first tooth. I have always heard that teething can be a challenging time depending on the child. Are there any particular teething toy you might recommend?

  4. Thank you for this great advice on helping babies with teething! There is so much to know when you have a newborn baby and teething is very important because that’s when their teeth start to form. That’s a good idea to keep the teething toys a little cold, so it provides an icing mechanism to reduce the pain that could be going on in their gums. How thoughtful! 

    I hope that all parents of newborn babies will find your article to help them know what to do. You put everything together very nicely and the article is very thorough. Thanks for your expertise and have a great day.

  5. Hi Baraka. Babies teething brought back so many memories for me of my own children going through the teething stage. My daughter was the worst, she would chew on anything that she could lay her hands on. We didn’t have enough money in those days to buy her toys to chew on so she would somehow many to grab hold of the strangest object. I remember at one time she got hold of my wallet and almost chewed it apart. Even the money inside of it was chewed, but fortunately still usable. I’m now at the grandparent stage and am often asked to baby sit one of the grandkids. It would be handy to have some chewing toys available, particularly for the new baby that’s just been added to the family, Thank you for your interesting article. Jim

  6. It’s always very hard to see a baby in pain, any sort of pain actually, and you are absolutely correct about being able to anticipate when certain problems may arise such as teething, so we can make preparations and have things at hand ready to help and aid the baby, your post here in very thorough and detailed and it will certainly help a lot of young mothers and hopefully give them a reminder to make the right preparations, so keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. 

  7. Hello Baraka, this is a nice post here.  I never thought that there is so much to look into when a baby is about to grow a teeth or that ggereare togs to get either. I am really fascinated to learn all this on your website. I have to put into consideration that fever is not criteria for a child’s teething. Ignorance is not an excuse so when a child has fever, we shouldn’t tag it to teething, nice one here.

  8. Hello Baraka, thanks sharing this nice poet. Most parents are not aware of the symptoms to look out for when theur baby’s are starting to have their first teeth. I feel these symptoms varies generally as some kids refused to eat while some lose water through excretion and lose weight in the process. Going by this post, I’m glad you took your time to educate us about this phase of a childs life.

  9. Hey Baraka, 

    Great article, my little one is a couple of months old, so we’re going to be getting to the teething point pretty soon! I’m a first time dad, so this help with the symptoms that I need to look out for! 

    I’ll definitely be getting some teething toys, I prefer more natural remedies to pharmaceuticals where possible. Do you have any natural pain relief options you can recommend? I hear clove oil can be effective?

  10. I’m not married yet but these days I found out that I just love reading about babies, pregnancy or parenting. I think for most babies that I know, teething often causes so much pain. I noticed the slight increase of the body temperature of my nephew when he started teething. This is a very educative post, Baraka. I guess you’re African, like me.

  11. It’s really true teething can really be painful for some babies and on the other hand, it’ll be very convenient for some. I could remember when my cousin was teething, he cried a lot and I think it was the pain. Lack of appetite is really common even for those who don’t feel the pain sometimes. These medicines are going to be really effective, I remember vividly Ibuprofen was part of the medicines my cousin was given. This post will be of great help to nursing mother’s and it’ll help them know what right steps to take in easing the pain. Thanks for sharing this informative article, it’s very useful.

  12. We apparently got very lucky with our child during teething there were no much sleep change, crying, or fussiness. There were a few instances and his chew toys seemed to be enough. For about 5 days  we gave him  a liquid children Tylenol that our doctor recommended. When you suggested aspirin or ibuprofen  are you referring to a liquid option? 

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with us here. I appreciate your comment. I mean the liquid options(syrup). But again a baby should be given antibiotics after the medical doctor advises you to do so. I am glad to hear that a doctor recommended that to you. Best regards


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