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Hello.Welcome to my Baby Major website. Helping parents be aware of the necessary tips to improve the baby’s life and growth has been a┬ápassion of mine since I was young. I have read various books and publications that have talked about babies’ and their life at large.

Also, I have come across parents and experts in this field in order to get enough knowledge and understanding about baby’s interests and be able to fulfill my dream of assisting parents improve the life of their baby’s by letting them know about tips for baby’s development and growth.

If we create the conducive environments and conditions for baby’s today by doing what are exactly necessary for baby’s development and growth, we will then be at the better point to make a better generation of tomorrow.

Short Story of My Life.

I was born in the family of five children, I observed the way baby’s needed a special care and attention through the life of my two young brother when they were very young. I learnt how much baby’s need to be loved and also I observed the important conditions to ensure baby’s develop and grow well.

The Reason To Help People.

We are living in the world where the life of baby’s need to be given good priority as in order to build a good generation of tomorrow we need to take a very serious care and attention of our baby’s today. So it is my pleasure to help parents understand tips and favorable conditions for baby’s website.

The Goal of My Website.

The prime goal of this website is to build understanding to parents about all the information necessary for parents to raise up their baby’s in the preferable conditions and environments for baby’s to grow and develop. Together we can achieve the goal.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.

All the best.





  1. Great content. The baby’s safety and proper care should have an information drive. A lot of babies are being injured because of the lack of simple preventive measures. Good topic.

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