3 Months Old Baby Development Milestones-What To Expect From A Baby At This Age.

A Smiling Baby

By the age of three months a baby has reached a different stage of development than he or she was after birth. During this period you will see several changes to a baby. The baby’s weight has increased slightly. The baby begins to show variety of traits in development that he or she has not been able to show in the past.

There fore in this article, which is 3 months old baby development milestones we are going to look at the behaviors and progress that the baby has reached at the third month as follows;

A Baby Prefers to Play with Toys

During this period a baby loves to play with his or her favorite toys. The toys that a baby prefers the most are the bright colored toys.The baby prefers more the bright colored toys because these toys can easily be seen and eventually attract the baby.

These toys have sharp contrast so it is very easy for a baby to see them quickly and admire their colors. So find bright colored objects and put them in the baby’s room.Also, buys the bright colored toys and place them near the baby. This will help a baby to choose his favorite toys and play with them.

A Baby is Able to Laugh Loudly

During this period a baby can laugh loudly especially when he or she sees something fun. The happy baby prefers to laugh.However, there are sometimes when a baby will be crying, this is normal. But if the baby continue to cry for too long or seem excessive to you, please see your pediatrician as soon as possible. Perhaps his or her crying is caused by a certain health problem.

Baby’s Neck Strength has Improved

During this period the baby’s neck has become stronger than it was in the first few weeks. A baby can lift his or head to 90 degrees. Baby’s body has grown in comparison to the to earlier period, so the muscles of the neck has become stronger and eventually enable him lift his head to 90 degrees.

A Baby is Able to Sleep Longer

During the first few weeks after birth, a baby can not sleep for the long time. This period is very difficult to the parents because they stay longer at night without sleep. But when a baby is 3-months old he or she can sleep for the long period. A baby can sleep for six to seven hours at night. During the day a baby can sleep up to two hours.

This is due to the fact that at the third month the baby’s nervous system has become more matured. This in turn helps the baby’s stomach to accommodate more milk or formula and hence helps a baby sleep more comfortably since most of the time a baby is free from hunger. Therefore,this is a good period for you because you will have enough time to rest especially when the baby is asleep.

Hearing and Vision Have Improved

During this period a baby begins to smile especially when hearing the voices of those he or she loves.Also, the baby turns his or her head to look at people and things he or she loves especially when he or she hears their voices. So when a baby hears the parent’s voices or feels their presence around he or she smiles and turn his or her head towards them.

There fore at this point do your best to read to your baby because at this period a baby can hear well than before. A baby can not understand the meaning of your words but this helps to develop baby’s emotions. Also, the baby feel loved hence the habit of reading to your baby helps in fostering love between a baby and the parents.

Finishing Thoughts

In this article which is 3 months old baby development milestones, we have been able to look at the changes as well as developments that a 3-months old baby has achieved. However,you may not see these changes to some babies. This can happen for variety of reasons.

One of these reasons is, the baby being born prematurely. Premature babies are exposed to many challenges that affect their growth and development in general. If your 3-months old baby does not show those changes and improvements in his or her development, please consult your doctor for further advice.

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  1. Oh my! This is awesome too and I’m glad I could cop these much information from your website. I am patiently awaiting the time when I would be able to see my baby exhibit all of these that I have read in this arryocle but for now, I’m more focused on the delivery. I would bookmark this too for later referencing. Thanks for sharing

  2. This is great information for new parents as they follow their baby’s growth while looking for healthy developmental milestones. I didn’t realize that a baby would gravitate towards favorite toys at such a young age, so this was a particularly helpful insight. The normalizing sleep schedule at 3 months is certainly a helpful blessing to parents who have been waking at all hours with their baby. 

  3. I dont seem to understand how a person can be this accurate about his analysis on the child. Its very true everything you have outlined here on the milestone of a baby at the age of three months. There’s a lot of improvement and smiles begin to burst from the child. One should take note of the kind of toys given to children at this age though because they are still tender. You wouldn’t want to hurt your child. Good post .

  4. Hi! I’m glad I found your post. And it’s nice to read all these things that our baby accomplishes once he arrives at the 3 months old milestone. I have noted a couple of them, such as the fact that they can sleep longer. But the one thing that has pleasantly surprised me the most is how sharp their ear gets. I’m excited how they can recognize our voice and even smile. Thanks for the advice of starting to read to them.

  5. Thanks for your information on how what to expect from babies at this stage of their life. Baby are relatively one of the cutest thing that can happen to couples during marriage as they get to see someone who is half of who they are and I must confess the joy in it is priceless.
    However from your post, I have one to realize how these little wonder can be and what to expect from them. I have just had my first baby two weeks ago and she is indeed wonder. I look forward to seeing her display these behaviors you have mentioned here. Thanks for your time.

  6. This is a lovely article and it is really nice to read about babies. 3 months old baby development milestone is a very enlightening post and it has made me known what to expect from the a 3months old baby. Premature babies are to be givien utmost Care and supervision because of the challenges they face during birth and forming to a whole baby. This post is really sensitizing and it should reach out to many people especially mothers so that they’ll be able to know some of the changes to look out for in their babies and if they don’t show, medical assistant should sort after. My question is, does this apply to both sex, I mean a boy and girl?? Thanks to sharing this lovely post.

  7. Again great information for new parents, especially when it comes to 3 month olds. Toys are definitely a big part of a child’s life at this age as they are introduced to new colors, shapes, sounds and brands. Do you have any good recommendations for new toys out there these days? Sleeping longer is something that all parents must enjoy! Thanks for bringing awareness about premature traits, it’s really helpful. 

  8. I remember being SO very happy when my son began sleeping through the night. All of those nights of sleep deprivation exhausted me to the bone. And when he first began smiling and laughing, I finally got some positive reinforcement for all of my hard work. It’s hard to work with a crying, pooping, unsmiling newborn! And then, at three months, they get some personality and they start sleeping. It makes it all worth it. 

    I will never let a good night of sleep go unappreciated again. 

    • Thanks Wendy. You are right, when the baby starts to sleep well at night. At least you get a little time to rest

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